Phils and Cubs in deep trouble

Valverde_1 Just as a note as I am watching this the D’Backs lead the Cubs 4-2 in the top of the 4th. 

The most amazing thing about the baseball playoffs is the suddeness of it.  Just over 30 hours ago the entire city of Philadelphia was in a fit of Phillies fever.  Now their team appears all but dead.  The Cubbies have also put themselves behind the eight ball with a game one loss, and falling behind early here in game 2.  The Yanks and Angels have put themselves in must win situations tommorow.  Like the slogan says, "You can’t script October."

Rockies vs. Phillies (COL leads series 2-0)

How hot is Colorado?  16-1 in their last 17 games as they have put the Phillies backs against the wall and will go for the kill Saturday afternoon in front of a raucous crowd at Coors Field.  Game one featured the best pitcher you’ve never heard of in Jeff Francis shutting down the potent Philly lineup only allowing back to back solo home runs as the Rox won 4-2.  Today the Rox won again playing long ball getting another home run from Matt Holliday and a grand slam from Baby Godzilla Kazuo Matsui.   This series is for all intents and purposes over barring a miracle comeback from the Phighting Phils.  They already have one miracle comeback this year.  Unfortunately for them that might be all they get.  Denver will be nuts on Saturday and I would fully expect the Rox to complete the sweep.  How ironic?  The series viewed as the most even will most likely end up being the most decisive.

Angels vs. Red Sox (BOS leads series 1-0)

If you haven’t completely forgotten about the Marlins run to the 2003 World Championship (and you have don’t worry I don’t blame you) you remember that Josh Beckett had about as good of a pitching post-season of any pitcher in memory.  Well he’s apparantely at it again, and thats gonna be bad news for Boston opponents in the post-season.  Beckett got the Sox off to a flying start with a 4 hit shutout.  Completely dominant.  Big Papi continued to be one of baseball’s best post-season performers with a home run, and John Lackey continued to struggle mightily at Fenway.  The best way to beat the Angels is keep their speed off the bases, and Beckett did a near flawless job at it.  The Angels now face a virtual must win tommorow night at Fenway.  It should be very interesting to see if Dice-K can finally start to live up to the absurd hype he got in the off-season. 

Cubs vs. Diamondbacks (ARZ leads series 1-0)

Last night Sweet Lou may have went to his bullpen too early.  Tonight its starting to look like he is waiting too long.  Ted Lilly has allowed 4 so far, and has 2 on with one out as I type.  Pinella made a critical error in looking ahead in a playoff series.  You cannot play for tommorow in the playoffs.  Especially not in a five game series.  Ride your horse.  I don’t care how good Marmol had been this year (and he had been outstanding) He’s a youngster in his first post-season game, and he looked like it.  Now the Cubs are faced with throwing Z in game four potentially to just force a game five where Webb will face Lilly again.  And if they don’t kick it into gear tonight, they might be done in 3 and Zambrano won’t pitch again.  As I type this Stephen Drew triples into the corner to drive home 2 and make it 6-2.  Its looking more and more like the Cubs go back to Wrigley down 0-2.  Can’t play for tommorow when you don’t know if there will be one.  Shame on Lou Pinella.  I thought he was smarter than that.   On the bright side we appear to be headed towards 1 loss away from the drought reaching the century mark.  Good times indeed!

Yankees vs. Indians (CLE leads series 1-0)

Well that was certainly a beat down now wasn’t it.  The clear turning point was down 4-2 in the fifth the Yanks loaded the bases and only managed one run.  The Indians proceeded to totally blow the game open as Yanks ace Chien-Ming Wang failed to come up big for his team in Game One.  So much for my pick of New York in 3.  So the Yanks are in trouble you’re thinking…Not hardly.  Since the Wild Card system was instituded in 1995 the Yanks have qualified for the playoffs every single time.  Thats 12 LDS’ not including this year.  When the Yanks win game one of the LDS they are 2-5, including the last three times they won game one in 2002, 2005, and 2006.  When they lose the first game the Yankees are a perfect 5-0.  They will send their old designated Game 2 starter Andy Pettite to the hill tommorow late afternoon at the Jake, and as usual I think Andy give the Yanks what they need to get back to the Stadium all even up at one game apiece. 



  1. Rob

    I did not know that, as the series ended so quickly 😉

    So give me K-Rod’s 29 post season innings over Papelbon’s 2

    And don’t get me wrong, its very, very close.

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