Everyone’s Back Against the Wall

Manny So everyone played 2 games and all four series have seen a team jump out to a 2-0 lead.  In 3 of them the home field has held through the first two.  You have to think they won’t all be sweeps.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that one of these four teams that have fallen behind 0-2 will come back to win their series.  Which one you ask?  Lets break em down and make a prediction. 

Rockies vs. Phillies (COL Leads 2-0)

The Phils are certainly in the worst positions of the teams that have dug themselves a hole. The Phillies have lost their first two games at home and now must go to Coors Field and beat the Rockies twice.  Keep in mind the Rockies have only lost once in the last three weeks.  Jamie Moyer pitches this evening in Denver, with Cole Hamels possibly going on short rest in game four if necessary.  I would say if the Phils get it back to Philly they’ll win the series, but they aren’t getting it back to Philly.  In fact I don’t think they make it to game four.  At this point I would say the Phils are most the likely to be swept. 

Cubs vs. Diamondbacks (ARZ leads 2-0)

This is intriguing because the Cubs get back in front of their rabid fans at Wrigley Field.  The Cubs will have a decided edge in pitching matchups over the weekend as they will see Rich Hill (who was incredible at the Friendly Confines) face off with Livan Hernandez.  Hernandez is a big game pitcher but is a shell of the guy who won the NLCS and World Series MVP in 1997.  In Game 4 the Cubs will bring Carlos Zambrano back on short rest to face off with Micah Owings.  That is a huge edge for the Cubs. On the other hand if the Cubs are able to win two games at Wrigley and get back to Phoenix they will have to face Brandon Webb, who they could not hit in Game 1 in a do or die game with Ted Lilly going for them.  Lilly was awful in Game 2 and I would expect more of the same in Game 5.  I would like the Cubs as the most likely to get back to even, only to lose anyway.  Thus breaking the hearts of Cub fans everywhere.  Its just what they do. 

Angels vs. Red Sox (BOS Leads 2-0)

That just had to be a crippling loss for the Angels.  As Man-Ram’s big fly flew over the Monster so did the Angels chances.  Boston had a big aura of confidence going in by virtue of owning the Angels.  Now the Angels must take the dead man walking flight across country to face Curt Schilling on Sunday.  But Jered Weaver, who’s brother was the breakout star of the 2006 post-season, might have a big game start in him.  Back in Cali with the ThunderStix going I would say the Angels are the most likely to get a token win before going down in four games.

Yankees vs. Indians (CLE Leads 2-0)

This really bugs me.  Get it?  Bugs me.  I kill myself.  Anyway Joba finally showed a chinck in the armor at the worst possible time as an insect-aided fit of wildness may have cost the Yanks their season.  But I don’t think this team is done yet.  Lets look at the facts.  The Yankees have been coming from behind all season.  They came back from a huge deficit to defeat the Indians in the regular season.  They came back from a huge deficit to win the Wild Card.  Why wouldn’t they come back from this?   Never thought I’d live to see the day when the Yanks were the underdog, but here we are.  They have a pitching edge they didn’t have in games 3 and 4 with Roger Clemens and Phillip Hughes going against Paul Byrd and Jake Westbrook.   Their incredible lineup will hit Byrd and Westbrook.  The Bronx faithful will be crazy loud and will be there to rattle the young Indians.  The Yanks WILL get this series back to Cleveland.  When they get there it will be a Game 1 rematch of Chien-Ming Wang and C.C. Sabathia.  After watching Game 1 why in the **** would I pick the Yanks in a Game 5.  Several Reasons.  If we get there the Yanks will have all the momentum.  Wang’s sinker didn’t sink in Game 1, that is just one of those things that happens from time to time. It won’t happen again in Game 5.  Sabathia was gone after five and the Yanks took good at bats against him.  Given another chance that lineup should wear him down again and get into the Cleveland middle relief corp.  I would say clearly at this point the Yanks are the most likely to come all the way back to win their series.  And if I’m wrong, you didn’t hear it here.   


One comment

  1. samwise1313@hotmail.com

    I hope you’re right that one of the 0-2 teams comes back to win it all. But I hope it’s the Angels. I’ll be really mad if it’s the Yankees.

    I do agree that the Cubs will probably even up their series only to fall in game 5. Going down in a straightforward 3 game sweep is not the Cubs’ style. Winning the next two games and holding the lead in game 5 only to lose in bizarre fashion is.

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