Indians finish off Yanks, MLB’s first round a dud.

Blake We have made it through the first round of Major League Baseball’s playoffs with realtively little drama.  Both NL series were totally dominated by the two Western Division teams that no one saw coming.  The AL series weren’t much better outside of an amazing Friday Night.  So now we are stuck with Fox’s nightmare scenario for the final four.  The smaller fan base won 3 of the 4 series with the smaller market winning 4 out of 4.  Now instead of the sexy matchup possibilities of Cubs or Phillies against Yankees the best possible scenario from a ratings standpoint is probably Boston/Colorado.  Not exactly Yankees-Dodgers is it?  Still from a baseball fan standpoint these are four very exciting teams. The Red Sox and Indians were the best two teams in the AL all season and should face off in a tremendous ALCS.  The Rockies and Diamondbacks despite you not hearing of any of them will likely give us a very exciting series on the NL side.  Can the D’Backs somehow the NL’s best team in 2007 slow down the red hot Rockies?  We shall see, and we’ll break em down starting tomorrow with my NLCS preview. 

Onto the Joe Torre situation.  It appears that George Steinbrenner will fire the Yankee skipper.  Just plain stupid.  Torre has managed the Yankees 12 times and has won the AL Pennant 6 times and the World Series 4 times .  For you math majors that is 50 and 33.3 percent respectively.  Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa, the only other managers who have been in the same place for the past 12 years can’t come close to that resume (Cox 2 pennants, 0 Championships; La Russa 2 pennants, 1 Championship) yet neither of those two managers are in any danger of losing their job.  This sense of entitlement that Steinbrenner and Yankee fans in general have to Championships makes me sick.  What they don’t realize is that anymore having a great team in the regular season and losing in the first round is no more a product of luck than winning 4 championships in 5 years.  Since the playoffs have expanded the Yankees have won 4 times, all of which came before competitive balance.  The Yankees won 20 of their 26 championships when all high school and college players were free agents.  Everyone wanted to play in New York for the Yankees, so they were always able to just reload their team with young players.  The game doesn’t work like that anymore, and George and fans of the Pinstripes have to realize it.  Championships won’t come every year.  They will have to wait their turn like everyone else.  Its a **** shoot tournament.  There is no rhyme nor reason to it.  The Colorado Rockies have just as good a chance to win this thing as the Boston Red Sox.  Penalizing Joe Torre for failing to win the World Series is short sighted and idiodic.  Hiring Tony La Russa, who despite my unwavering worship of him, has had a lot harder time in the playoffs (last year not withstanding) is worse.  If Tony goes to New York he’s a *****.  If New York hires him they are *****’s.  He’s not a New York guy, the media will eat him alive.  The Yankees have the perfect manager for that team and that city.  Unfortunately since he can’t win the World Series every year he’ll be gone.  Thats just too bad. 


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