About thatsawinner

I’m a 25 year old life long St. Louis
Cardinal fan from Indianola, IA. Indianola is about 15 miles
south of Des Moines. It is also the home town of Indians
Outfelder Casey Blake. I am in the heart of Cub Country as
the AAA Iowa Cubs play their home games right here in Des
Moines. In addition to an unwavering support of the World
Champions I also enjoy University of Iowa Football,
Basketball, and Wrestling. Other pro sports teams I follow
would be the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls. Nicknamed
“Schwab” by some friends due to my encyclopedic knowledge of
the world of sports I don’t watch much television other than
sporting events. I do enjoy The Sopranos and Law and Order
though. I also get a guilty pleasure out of WWE. Yes I’m a


Cardinals Baseball, Hawkeyes Football and
Basketball, Cowboys Football, WWE, The